GM sets the record straight about stadium hiring costs

Suncorp Stadium General Manager, Alan Graham today set the record straight about the costs of hiring the venue. .

"We have intentionally stayed out of the public debate as we prefer to conduct our commercial negotiations with our clients in the boardroom.

"However, some of the recent stories on this issue are inaccurate and need to be corrected for the public record.

"The reality is that any team playing in a national football competition, whether it be League, Union or Soccer, can break even at Suncorp Stadium with between 4,000 and 5,000 paying customers.

"That's a pretty good result at Australia's premier football stadium," he said.

Mr Graham said major football codes could not expect to achieve the same levels of income for seats, boxes, corporate packages or indeed sponsorships at a lower quality and lower profile venue.

He said deals at the Stadium were structured to provide Hirers with the lion's share of all revenue streams.

"Hirers get the benefit of playing in a world class venue while enjoying maximum flexibility on their commercial arrangements" he said.

Mr Graham acknowledged the well publicised financial difficulties of both the Roar and the Reds but suggested their difficulties are caused by far more challenging and complex issues.

"We're committed to working closely with teams to provide the as much support as we can," he said.

Queensland Rugby CEO Jim Carmichael said the QRU valued its partnership with Suncorp Stadium and would continue to work with stadium management on ways to build crowds and give fans the best possible experience when they come to a QR Reds match.

"It's self-evident that Suncorp Stadium is a magnificent venue for Rugby.

"Our shared challenge is to make a night at the rugby a sporting experience that fans will get excited about and want to bring their friends to, regardless of whether the Reds win, lose or draw," Mr Carmichael said.

Further information: Greg Adermann, Suncorp Stadium Communications and Marketing Manager on 07 3331 5000.