A new, innovative seating option for Suncorp Stadium in 2004 was announced today.

Stadium Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Donaghy, said a limited number of “Centreline Seats” would initially be available for next season.

Mr Donaghy said the seats were located in the Eastern Stand lower seating bowl (level 3), between the two quarter-lines.

He said the attractions of Centreline Seats were affordability, location and transferability.

“The Stadium Operator, Ogden IFC developed the Centreline Seat concept following extensive market research and focus groups featuring potential purchasers of these seats.

There are two price options for Centreline Seats. Those who purchase the one year product option will pay $895 but will not be guaranteed the same seat if they renew beyond 2004. Those who purchase the three year product option will pay $795 for 2004 and will be guaranteed the same seat for the duration of the agreement.

There are no establishment fees associated with this product, and annual increases will be capped at CPI for the three year term.

Centreline Seatholders will be entitled to attend all scheduled events at the Stadium in 2004. This includes game two of State of Origin; the Rugby Union Test (except if it is a Bledisloe Cup game*); Super 12 Rugby Union matches (other than finals) which may be played at the Stadium in the future; any
National Rugby League premiership finals games; any Rugby League Test played at the Stadium; and all Ergon Energy Broncos NRL home matches.

* If Bledisloe Cup game is played at the Stadium in the future, Centreline Seatholders will receive a the opportunity to purchase a premium seat for that event.

Mr Donaghy said transferability was one of the features of this new product. “If a seatholder is unable to attend a game for whatever reason, they are encouraged to loan their card to another person.

“For that reason, we believe Centreline Seats will be popular with companies which are looking for ‘value for money’ options to take clients and guests to the football, or would use tickets to the football as a way of rewarding staff.

“And it is also very affordable for families whose members love both Rugby League and Union,” he said.

Mr Donaghy said the Stadium would launch Centreline Seats on Saturday and expected strong interest in the product.

“So, I would certainly recommend that anyone interested in purchasing Centreline Seats should get in early to secure the best seats,” Mr Donaghy said.

Contact the Centreline Seat hotline on 07 3331 5174 or email

20 November 2003
For further information, contact Greg Adermann, Suncorp Stadium
Communications and Memberships Manager, on 07 3331 5162