Venue hirers have been reassured that players health is not at risk from the pesticide being used to treat nematodes at Suncorp Stadium.

Stadium General Manager, Paul Sergeant confirmed that the pesticide, Nemacur Turf Nematicide Liquid produced by Bayer Cropscience Pty Ltd, is a legal product in the treatment of nematodes and approved by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.

"Nemacur is recognised as the most effective pesticide in the Australian turf management industry. It is used by the majority of stadia (including Telstra Stadium in 2006) and golf greens to treat nematode infection." Mr Sergeant also confirmed that the Stadium was totally compliant in the application of the pesticide. "Nemacur is washed into the turf in accordance with the manufacturer s recommendations. It is not applied less than six days out to an event at the Stadium. In short, players are not at risk in any way from playing on a turf surface being treated with this product", Mr Sergeant said.

"Nematodes are microscopic, transparent roundworms that feed on turf roots, weakening the plant structure. The Stadium is using the best brains in the business and best products available in Australia to counter the nematode infection. The results to date have been encouraging, but we reiterate, there are no quick fix solutions and it will take some weeks before the problem is totally eliminated", Mr Sergeant said.

21 April 2007

For further information, contact Greg Adermann, Suncorp Stadium Communications Manager, on 07 3331 5162.