The Suncorp Stadium redevelopment will be officially opened on June 11 - the day of the first State of Origin, the Deputy Premier and Treasurer, Mr Terry Mackenroth, revealed today.

Mr Mackenroth said a ceremony would be held at 10am on the morning of the game to officially 'christen' the wonderful new venue and thank everyone who had been involved in its redevelopment.

"This will be one of the best football stadiums in the world and a huge tourism magnet for Queensland," Mr Mackenroth said.

"This has already been evidenced by the fact that it has won the right to host more Rugby World Cup games than any other venue in the country.

"This event alone is expected to pump at least $200 Million into the Queensland economy and this is money we would simply not have got if we didn't redevelop this venue into such a world-class facility."

Mr Mackenroth said all 89 members of Parliament and their partners would be invited to the opening ceremony and to the game that night as guests of the Stadium operators, Ogden IFC.

"It will be a wonderful opportunity for the members, as the elected representatives for their community, to see how the stadium operates first hand and the many economic benefits it can bring to Queensland.

"I want each and every Member to see it and be an ambassador for the Stadium when they travel interstate or overseas."

Mr Mackenroth said the first game at the Stadium would be on June 1 when the Brisbane Broncos take on the Newcastle Knights.

"This will be a family day with gates open from 9am and it will give the operators an opportunity to trial run all the new facilities," he said.