Concerts at the redeveloped Suncorp Stadium have been a resounding success with more than 104,000 patrons attending two events by internationally renowned performer Robbie Williams this week.

Following the success of the first concert on Wednesday night, the Stadium again met the demands of another full-house event 24 hours later.

Below is a summary of operational issues from the second Robbie Williams concert held at the Stadium on Thursday, 14 December.

  • The official crowd was 52,471.
  • Overall sound levels were set lower than last night. However, there were two instances where the noise went slightly over the limit, mainly as a result of noise generated by an enthusiastic audience. These sound spikes were addressed immediately.
  • There were only two evictions and two arrests on the night.
  • Public transport functioned smoothly with clearance time being 55 minutes.
  • There were no ticket scalping issues.
  • There were 17 calls to the special community hotline during the day. Most related to traffic issues and concert noise, with a few of them actually requesting the sound be louder.

The Stadium has demonstrated its versatility and ability in hosting major international concerts alongside full-house football events.

15 December 2006

For further information, please contact Greg Adermann, Suncorp Stadium Communications Manager, on 0419 729972.