Stadium Comment on Brisbane Roar's future arrangements

Stadium Management has been in negotiations with the Brisbane Roar for over nine months regarding an extension to the Roar's Hiring Agreement which concludes at the end of the current season.

The Stadium has offered a package consistent with the terms it provides to all of its major tenants.

While much has been made of the costs of playing at Suncorp Stadium, of equal importance to any sporting team is the revenue earning potential of playing at Australia's premier football stadium.

Costs may be cheaper elsewhere but if revenue is down proportionately due to inferior facilities, then little is gained by relocating.

It is up to the Roar and the FFA to analyse their business opportunities and determine where they need to be now and in the future given the superior revenue raising opportunities at Suncorp Stadium.

While the Stadium is keen to retain the Roar as a tenant, it cannot subsidise the operations of what is a commercial entity.