Stadium turnstiles upgrade benefits patrons

Monday 20 December 2010

The turnstiles at all public gates of Suncorp Stadium have been upgraded making them more efficient and customer-friendly.

The new system now features an LCD screen which provides patrons with clearer information when they scan their tickets.  The older LED display was much smaller and more difficult to see for both patrons and staff. 

The new system will also allow patrons to clearly see when their tickets have been scanned and when they can move through the turnstiles, ensuring an increased patron flow rates into the venue.

Another feature is the large light dome on the head of the turnstiles which will flash green when the ticket is validated, yellow when a concessional ticket is used and red when the ticket is not valid. 

If the turnstiles flash red it will be because the ticket may have been has been used previously, that the ticket is for the wrong event or the ticket has been cancelled for a particular reason, such as reported missing.  The rejection message on the screen will allow staff to quickly assess the reason for the ticket rejection and have it dealt with quickly.

Patrons who purchase concessional tickets via the web or telephone should ensure they have their concession cards available for inspection by Stadium staff.   

The new turnstiles will result in a slight change in the process by which patrons scan their tickets.    Rather than inserting their ticket into a slot at the front of the turnstiles, patrons will now place their ticket under the scanner as indicated on the base of the turnstile.  It is important that patrons place their ticket in the position indicated to allow  the scanner can read the entire barcode. 

If you have any questions about the new turnstiles, please contact the Stadium during business hours on 07 3331 5000.