Work had commenced today to replace the existing playing surface at Suncorp Stadium, the Deputy Premier and Minister for Sport, Mr Terry Mackenroth,
said. Mr Mackenroth said there were no matches scheduled at the ground until October 11 providing workers with a break of more than four weeks to get the
new turf laid and settled.

“The safety of the existing turf has never been in question and has satisfied all hirers that have used it,” Mr Mackenroth said.

“However, there have been problems with its appearance and the subsequent ability to present the surface as truly world class, in keeping with the rest of the Stadium. “It has been determined that these problems cannot be rectified to our satisfaction in the long term.

“The existing turf will be replaced and this is the first decent window of opportunity we have had to undertake that work without any regular fixtures. “The Stadium’s contingency plan always involved the growing of a spare replacement full field and this has been growing on the Sunshine Coast since late last year.”
Suncorp Stadium Chief Executive Officer, Mr Geoff Donaghy, said the replacement product, MegAyr Turf, comprised turf and synthetic meshing.

He said the turf replacement program would take 14 days, allowing the Stadium Operator up to three weeks to prepare the field before the next match was
played at the Stadium.

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