Ticket scalper caught P!NK handed

Sport Minister Phil Reeves today reminded concert and sport goers to be wary of unscrupulous and unauthorized ticket sellers who seek to profit at their expense.

Joachim Heinrich Blieszis, 58, has appeared in the Sandgate Magistrates Court charged with breaching s30 of the Major Sports Facilities Act (2001). The matter was contested and the defendant was found guilty and fined $400 and ordered to pay $701 restitution.
The charge was a result of Mr Blieszis acting as a courier for a company named Red Circle Tickets that had sold P!NK tickets online to a patron in November 2008 for a profit far greater than the 10% face value of the ticket. Red Circle Tickets were not an authorized seller nor did they purchase the P!NK tickets until the concert night 12 June, 2009.

Brisbane Entertainment Centre staff became suspicious when they observed Mr Blieszis attempting to conduct a transaction with patrons prior to the show.

The Minister said Queensland's anti-scalping laws were the toughest in the country and aimed at stamping out illegal operators profiteering from innocent consumers.

"We accept that circumstances can change and that people might need to sell tickets purchased for an event. In those instances, tickets can be on-sold provided they do not charge more than 10% above the cost of the original purchase price," he said.

"But it's a different story when people are blatantly ripped off. Our anti-scalping laws offer these people protection and surety.

"I urge all concert and sporting patrons to avoid operators like Red Circle Tickets and only purchase through the authorized ticketing agency for that particular event."

"Scalping such as this, deprives genuine fans of live music and sport the opportunity to see their favourite team or band at a reasonable price, and not at the price set by a 'middle man' preying on a person's desire to attend an event."

P!NK Concert Promoter, Michael Coppell said he's delighted the live entertainment industry in Queensland has been empowered to take effective and meaningful action against unauthorised ticket resellers.

"These organisations and the people who act for them have the sole objective of profiting from the desperation of real fans - often leaving them high and dry and defrauded. We hope that this landmark ruling will assists industry efforts to eliminate scalpers."

Contact: Minister's office: 3235 9236