Important Information for Chermside Bus Patrons on Event Days

Westfield Chermside has announced that from Monday 24 October, it intends charging for on-site car parking.

Customers will be able to park free for the first three hours. Those staying beyond the 3 hour free parking period will pay $2 to park for 3 ½ hours; $3 to park for 4 hours and $6 to park for 5 hours. Customers parking after 6pm will not have to pay.

Brisbane Transport provides special bus services from Chermside to Suncorp Stadium on event days, with many Stadium patrons utilising car parking at the centre.

Patrons not wishing to pay for car parking should be aware of the alternative options available.

These options include legal on-street parking, catching Brisbane Transports regular timetable services or special shuttle services from designated City Express stops or Queensland Rail services to the Stadium.

For more information about public transport options to the Stadium on event days, visit the Translink website or call 131230.


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