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FLOOD IMPACT ON EVENTS - Questions and Answers


Extensive damage was caused to facilities in the Stadium’s Western Stand during the recent floods.

The Stadium has implemented a recovery programme aimed at being able to host events as quickly as possible. The first event after the floods will be the Brisbane Roar v Gold Coast United local derby on Saturday 12 February.

Because many of these damaged facilities and services will take time to repair and replace, a number of temporary arrangements will be in place for upcoming Roar, Queensland Reds and Brisbane Broncos games. This will result in a number of changes in our normal operating procedures, and its important that all patrons and guests are aware of these. 

For the most part, the Northern, Southern and Eastern sides of the Stadium will continue to operate as normal. However, there will be some changes in the Western Stand operations.

We hope to address through this question and answer forum any questions you might have following the recent floods.

General Manager, Alan Graham’s comments on the Stadium recovery programme:



Is the Stadium still safe to be in after the floods?

Yes. Whilst there will be some temporary facilities in place, the Stadium has been working extremely closely with the Emergency Services to ensure a safe and comfortable environment which our patrons expect and deserve.  For the most part, patrons won’t even notice any changes. Public safety is paramount and the Stadium would not be re-opening if such plans and processes were not in place. 

Some areas of the Stadium will be inaccessible however we this should not impact on our ability to meet patrons’ expectations.

Is the field safe for the teams and officials?

Our ground staff have been working tirelessly to recover the field and are to be commended for their efforts. Testing has been conducted on the soil and grass to ensure there are no dangerous bacteria as a result of the flood waters and we will be continually testing to ensure the safety of players, officials and others who access the field.


I am a corporate guest in the Western Grandstand (suites/boxes prefixed by the letter ‘W’).  Can I still access my suite/box?

All suites are still accessible in the Western Grandstand. However your entry gate may have changed.  For the time being, Gate F (Castlemaine Street) cannot be used and all corporate guests must enter via Gate A on the Southern Plaza (Milton Road end) or Gate D on the Northern Plaza (Caxton Street end). Stadium Event Staff will then direct you to the nearest entry to your suite/box. 

The lifts located on about the halfway line in the Wester Grandstand will also be unavailable to guests for the time being. You will need to use the lifts at either end of the grandstand or via the stairs at the rear of the stand.  Guests must exit and enter via the Level 3 concourse only as there will be no venue access via the Castlemaine Street entry.

If guests need to leave the Stadium at any time during the event, they should do so via the public pass-out gates located on the northern side (opposite Aisle 334) or on the southern side (opposite Aisle 314), as Gate F will not be open. Please ensure you retain your ticket at all times to show to Event Staff upon exit and re-entry.

I am a corporate guest in the Eastern Grandstand (suites/boxes prefixed by the letter ‘E’).  Can I still access my suite/box?

The Eastern Grandstand is fully accessible via the normal corporate entry, Gate C located on the Northern Plaza (Caxton St end).


I have been allocated parking for the event.  How do I access the car park entry?

Because of the flood damage, some car-parking spaces are required for the temporary facilities and therefore the Stadium will have a reduced parking capacity. To supplement Stadium parking, we have secured a number of parking spaces in the Secure Parking facility in Little Cribb Street.  Please check your parking pass to confirm in which area you have been allocated parking.

For guests who have been allocated parking in the Stadium, the normal Vehicle Entry Point in Castlemaine St is unavailable for use at this time.  Guests with parking allocations will need to enter via the roller shutter directly into Car Park 3 (entry off Castlemaine St, north of the Heussler Terrace roundabout).  Guests with a parking allocation in Car Park 2 will still need to enter via the Car Park 3 entry and use the ramp down to access Car Park 2.  All vehicles in Car Parks 1 and 2 will need to exit via this down ramp and then via the regular Vehicle Exit gate.

The Secure Parking facility in Little Cribb Street is located on the opposite side of Milton Road (please see the map below).  Guests will need to show their parking pass to gain entry. They should then use the raised walkways to the Southern Plaza and enter the Stadium through any of the public gates.

Can I enter the Stadium through the corporate entry gate in Car Park 3?

No. Guests parking in the Stadium will need to exit the venue after parking and enter via the public Gates (A, B, D and E) or via the corporate entry gate (C).  Gate F is not available.  All tickets must be scanned prior to entry and there is no capability to scan at the corporate entry gate in Car park 3. 


I am a Stadium Member or a Member of one of the clubs playing at the venue.  Will my seating be affected?

The public seating areas are fully operational and as a result, your normal membership seat is available for use.


Have the public transport services been affected by the floods?

No. Patrons will still be able to utilise all normal public transport services to and from the events.


I require the use of lifts to move around the Stadium.  Is this still possible?

Yes.  We will have limited lifts available for patrons who require access to the upper levels of the Stadium. Lifts inside the public gates on the Northern and Southern Plazas will be operational.

I require the use of lifts to access the public transport services or the PWD Parking services on the street.  Is this still possible?

There may be some lifts which are inaccessible at the moment and patrons will be required to utilise ramps to enter and leave the Stadium.  It is recommended you contact the Stadium in advance to obtain the latest information on lift accessibility.


Where can I get information relating to the event?

At the moment, there is no telecommunications directly to the Stadium. It is recommended that patrons visit the Stadium website ( for updated information or to utilise the ‘Contact Us’ service. We will respond as quickly as possible.


Will there still be catering facilities available?

Catering facilities will still be available however there may be some delays during peak times in the Western Stand due to the use of temporary facilities.  All other areas of the Stadium will be operating as normal.