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Stadium Manager a Finalist for Prestigious Worldwide Industry Award

Trevor Bow, the Building Services Manager at AEG Ogden managed Suncorp Stadium, is a finalist for a prestigious international 2011 Stadium Business Award.

Mr Bow is up against three other finalists from England, Ireland and the United States in the Unsung Hero Award category.

Stadium General Manager, Alan Graham, commended the selection saying Mr Bow had done an outstanding job in the recovery of the venue following the January floods.

“The damage caused as a result of the floods was well documented. Trevor worked at times literally until he dropped, to have electrical, fire and communications restored as quickly as possible. At one stage, I had to order him to go home for some well earned rest.

“It was due largely to him that the Stadium was able to recommence hosting events four weeks after the field had been covered by water 1.5 metres deep,” Mr Graham said.

The Stadium Business Awards are designed to acknowledge the leaders, achievers and innovators within the event industry and this year’s nominations reflect the impressive array of developments in the stadium, arena and sports venue sector.

They are the only awards to recognise achievements in the global stadium industry. All aspects are covered from individual staff to venue of the year, and from architecture to sustainability.

The winners will be announced at the gala dinner during the Stadium Business Summit at FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium on the 15th June.

Further information: Greg Adermann, Communications Manager, Suncorp Stadium on 07 3331 5000.