Picture: Sam Ruttyn

Nitro Circus stalwart Travis Pastrana is coming to Brisbane. 

TRAVIS Pastrana risks his life for the enjoyment of others.

The American daredevil behind the popular Nitro Circus stunt shows hurls his body through the air in life-threatening situations for a living.

The job, or a lifestyle as Pastrana sees it, comes with risks, but his posse of stuntmen is at its happiest when it is producing the unthinkable.

But every now and then something goes wrong and for Pastrana one of those moments arrived recently during a show in the United States.

Pastrana, 34, watched one of his close friends sustain serious spinal injuries after a stunt went wrong.

This has been one of the roughest weeks we’ve had,” Pastrana told The Courier-Mail from the US.

We had a really long run where everything seemed to work out.

;It’s never the big, crazy stuff (that goes wrong). Everyone takes everything so seriously and they usually go right.

When you’re doing the amount of crazy stuff that we do, some of the stuff that was crazy five years ago seems second nature now.

Every now and then it leaps up and bites you. It’s the little stuff that catches you out.

It’s about going to all the guys and saying ‘You know what, we were tired and rundown but you’ve got to focus. It’s not just a backflip. You’re still going 45-feet in the air with a 250-pound machine over your head’.

This week in particular was really tough. You get that.”

Picture: Jono Searle.

Travis Pastrana performing a stunt at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in 2016.

The incident rocked Pastrana but also reinvigorated his passion to improve Nitro Circus, which will hit Suncorp Stadium for the first time in February.

A former motocross star with 2.8 million Instagram followers, Pastrana has grown Nitro Circus into an event so big it literally needs to be held outdoors to accommodate the jumps the daredevils tackle.

I’ve seen Suncorp Stadium and been around the area and to go to such an iconic venue is really cool,” he said.

As it grows and gets bigger and crazier we need more space. We’re trying to step up the level and hype and bring it to a bigger audience.

It’s been a wild ride. Be careful what you ask for because as Nitro grows the jumps grow, the tricks grow, the rider list grows. It allows you to do so much crazy stuff.”

Pastrana is promising big things when the You Got This tour arrives in Brisbane on February 23.

It has to get bigger and crazier with new ramps and technologies,” he said.

As the world takes safety more seriously, anything that involves risk has been taken off the face of the earth.

The age of the stuntman is going to go away eventually. That’s what’s made my life so amazing and extraordinary.

We get to challenge ourselves in ways that most of the world isn’t allowed to do anymore. It’s freedom at its best.”

Pre-sale tickets for Nitro Circus at Suncorp Stadium are available from Ticketek on July 16.


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