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Membership Dining Terms and Conditions

You need to be a Stadium Member and Stadium Members guests to book and access the Stadium Members Dining Room.

Credit card is the only method of payment for Stadium Members Dining.  All bookings must be made via this website, no phone or manual bookings will be accepted.  A 2.5% credit card surcharge applied to all transactions.  All cancellations/ reductions must be made in writing to the MODE group. No refunds will be made for cancellations or a reduction of guest bookings within 48 hours of game day, including the non-arrival of expected guests.  Bookings of less than 10 may be required to share a table.  Please contact the MODE group for any dietary requirements or special requests on (07) 3512 8059.

All Members and Members guests accessing the Members reserve including the Dining room must adhere to the dress code and to the Stadium terms and conditions of entry.  Members or Members guests who do not comply may not have access to the reserve and refund/s will not be provided.  Details on the Members dress code as well as terms and conditions of entry are available in the Members Handbook or at