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Stadium Back in Business for Roar Local Derby

The iconic Suncorp Stadium will be back in business for the Brisbane Roar v Gold Coast United local derby on Saturday 12 February, Sport Minister Phil Reeves announced today.

“This is the news sports fans have been waiting to hear,” Mr Reeves said.

“It was devastating to see our beloved Stadium inundated by the floodwaters.

“But thanks to the amazing efforts of Stadium staff and contractors, the hallowed grounds will be open for business next month.

“I’d like to praise and commend the hard work of staff and contractors who have worked ‘around the clock’ since the floods earlier this month to have events resume at the venue as quickly as possible.

“They have pulled some proverbial rabbits out of a hat to get this outcome and they are to be commended for their dedication and efforts.”

Suncorp Stadium, Flood Update, Broncos, Roar, Team Room, Events, EntertainmentMr Reeves said because of the substantial damage to the Level 1 area of the Western Stand, all game day operations facilities had been destroyed and needed to be replaced.

“Replacement work has already commenced but it will take time. In the interim, a lot of temporary facilities will have to be used on game days,” he said.

“This includes dressing rooms, referees room, medical room, officials rooms, the Stadium control room and press conference and photographers rooms.

“Grounds-staff will continue their preparations to ensure the best possible playing surface for what promises to be a great finish to the Hyundai A-League home and away season.”


Mr Reeves said from the patrons’ point of view, there will be some changes to entry points and pathways around the Stadium.

“Access to some areas will be restricted due to repair and restoration work being undertaken and there will be limitations on services for an interim period primarily in the Western Stand,” he said.

“One thing that won’t change will be the great atmosphere for which Suncorp Stadium is renowned around the world.

“We know the venue hirers and patrons understand the situation and thank them for their patience and flexibility in working with us during this reconstruction period.

“Given the amount of damage caused by flood waters, it’s amazing that only two games had to be rescheduled from the Stadium to Skilled Park.

“I have seen firsthand the great teamwork being put in to restore the Stadium to its former glory and it s a credit to all involved.

“I hope the re-opening of Suncorp Stadium will provide a morale boost for the people of Brisbane and Queensland recovering from the affects of the floods."

29 January 2011