Stadium Recognises 5 & 10 Year Staff Achievements

5 Years at Suncorp Stadium

Wally Lewis and Gene Miles
with the five year Stadium staff

Suncorp Stadium this week recognised staff who reached their milestone five and 10 years of service at the venue.

On hand to present them with their recognition certificates were former Queensland and Australian Rugby League legends Wally Lewis and Gene Miles.

Stadium General Manager, Alan Graham paid tribute to the staff, a number of whom had worked the majority of the 385 events held since the venue was redeveloped in 2003.

“Our staff are at the coalface on event days dealing with patrons on a range of issues. Their professionalism and willingness to ensure patrons have a memorable event experience is one of the reasons behind Suncorp Stadium’s reputation as a world-class venue,” Mr Graham said.

10 Years at Suncorp Stadium

Wally Lewis and Gene Miles with the 10 year Stadium staff 

Sandy Edwards, the Western Stand Supervisor, is one of those event staff who has worked at the venue from day 1.

She spoke of her memories at the Stadium over the past decade.

10 Years at Suncorp StadiumWhen we were asked to provide a story or 2 of memories from the last 10 years it seemed such a huge task. So many things to tell & so much to relive where would I start? I began to reminisce & thought what an interesting journey the Stadium & I have had and imagine if these walls could talk – the tales they could tell would be endless!!

The Stadium and I have shared many interesting and special moments over the past 10 years…some that can be spoken about and others that cannot - but nevertheless have left me with memories that will always put a smile on my face.

Together we’ve seen so many fantastic sporting events and some fabulous concerts.  Who could forget the mischievous cigarette-lighting Robbie Williams & how well he “entertained” us.  Or the fantastic butt-shaking Bon Jovi who rocked his fans all night & will do so again next month.  U2 provided 2 nights of wonder with their amazing stage & what a magical night Coldplay created not only with their music but with their spectacular light & laser show.  And it would be remiss of me not to mention the magnificent Andre Rieu who brought so much pomp, glamour and joy to us all.

We’ve seen many medical incidents with lives being saved simply because they were a patron here at the Stadium & with thanks to the prompt action and great team effort made by all. We’ve had to deal with many lost parents who ‘strayed’ from their children, we’ve witnessed people having fun, people behaving badly & we’ve  seen many interesting outfits & costumes especially during the Rugby World Cup in 2003.

I’ll never forget 4 young men who told me they couldn’t decide who to barrack for when Aust played Scotland.  So they decided to each wear a footy jersey, a kilt, aussie work boots, a green & gold wig with their faces covered in blue, white, green & gold paint.  They were a fun-loving bunch, to say the least, so I asked them if they were following tradition with what was under their kilts!! With grins on their faces, they looked at each other then in unison they all turned their backs to me, bent over and all flipped up their kilts. They had each coloured 1 butt cheek with blue & white paint & the other butt cheek with green & gold paint.  It was a little more than I had bargained for but was very pleasant just the same!!

We’ve seen our awesome events team put together so many wonderful events and functions while shedding plenty of blood, sweat & tears and for some this stadium has been their 2nd home.  The functions have brought so many great memories - from the way the rooms have been presented to the guest speakers and of course the many colourful characters that we have met along the way.

Each event holds different memories and provides some exciting and fun moments.  We’ve hosted grand finals, State of Origins and numerous tests & still to this day I get goose bumps as I look around while the national anthem is being played and I see the stadium full of patrons wearing their team colours and cheering loudly.  Even though my part is only small, it’s such a good feeling knowing I am involved in this exciting event that’s about to unfold.

The Stadium itself saw changes when the floods came through and while it was a sad sight to see it brought on new & exciting opportunities when all of the renovations were carried out.  I have watched the Stadium became a major icon in Brisbane and feel proud to know it is now famous for being known as one of the best sporting venues in the World.

The Stadium has a good reputation for it’s great customer service and that is due to a fantastic team of people who’s goal has been to give our patrons an enjoyable experience while having fun themselves.  We have seen people grow in confidence, grow up, move on and sadly we’ve seen some wonderful people pass away.  And so I say congratulations to all of these amazing people and big congratulations to those who have achieved their 5 & 10 years of service.

We have watched many lovely friendships form, not only from within the staffing circle but some nice friendships have been made with our patrons.   It has always been an honour and a pleasure to work with the team of people here and I trust the friendships I have made will last my lifetime.

Over the last 10 years this Stadium has not only been my place of work it’s been my haven - it’s been a mass of concrete that I have been in awe of and it’s been my friend.   The times we’ve shared & the secrets we keep will stay with me forever and so I say ‘thank you’ to the Stadium and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities this wonderful place has given me.

So “here’s cheers” to the past 10 years & God willing I look forward to the next 10!!

Sandy Edwards


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